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Nail Art Pen Review

My boyfriend’s sister bought me Sally Hansen nail art pens as a birthday gift (a perfect present for a nail enthusiast like me).  I couldn’t wait to try them out, and the first design I tried was a fishnet because I wanted to test them with a thin-line design.  Admittedly, drawing on my right hand was tough (since I’m right-handed), but with patience I slowly completed the pattern without too much error.

Brush tip "pen"

Other nail art “pens” just have long, slender brushes, but I love the Sally Hansen pens for their sharp points.  They write like a felt-tip pen and distribute paint equally.  I expected them to bleed blobs of color, especially at first.  However, I just pressed down on paper a couple times, and the color came out like a marker; not an uncontrollable river.  The pens are easy to control and make precise lines.  Also, compared to brush versions, they don’t drip or leave any brush hairs behind!

Sally Hansen pen tip

Precision of pen tip vs. brush

The pens come in black, white, gold, silver, red, blue, hot pink and light pink–all great accent art colors.  I was especially impressed with the white; it is opaque and shows over black and other dark color polishes.

The only cons of these pens is that the polish, even with a top coat, can rub off on the sides and tips.  Also, if you are artistic and want to blend colors for an effect, it would be difficult because the paint dries quickly.

Overall, I recommend these pens; they are priced around $7.99 in cosmetic stores, and if I have them as long as a bottle of nail polish, that makes a good value.

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  • Sue September 3, 2011, 10:56 am

    Could I use the white pen for French Manicures?

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