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New Year’s Martini Nails

Happy 2011!  I hope to be more consistent with posts this upcoming year – thanks to all of you who check in and enjoy the site!

Here are my New Year’s martini nails:

To create, apply a base coat and then paint desired background color (black or dark blue).  Then, with a thin brush, draw a line up the center of the nail with either white or silver polish.  Add the sides of the martini glass by painting lines from each corner of the nail tip to the center line.  For the base of the glass, make a triangle at the bottom of the nail.  If you need to thin or straighten the lines, you can use the background color to outline.

Fill in the nail tip (inside the glass) with gold glitter (I used a gold Art Deco nail art pen).  Once the polish dries, dot a small green olive in each glass.  With a smaller dotter, toothpick head or sharp nail art pen (I used Sally Hansen’s) make another tiny red dot slightly overlapping the green dot for the pimento of the olive.

You can also write the year on either side of the glass over the background color in a metallic polish.

Here’s an animated step-by-step look at the design:

These nails surely will be the hit of any New Year’s gathering.  Celebrate safely, and I’ll see you next year!  Class dismissed!

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