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ArtClub GLAM Decal Review

I desired perfectly-executed, intricate nail designs without any needing artistic ability: who doesn’t?  I was wary of nail decals–aka stickers–but the ArtClub Glam designs were too cool to pass by.  Also, thinking about how I’m always in a rush, the fact that these would be “Full-Fashion NAILS IN AN INSTANT”, as advertised on the package, was a definite selling point.

I chose the Black, White and Bling, which is a leopard design.  I wasn’t sure how many decals came in a package (turns out there are 14), but I was anticipating messing up, so I was hoping there were some extras.  The decals varied in wideness to fit on different sized nails.  The background was an opaque white, so I didn’t need to polish my nails first.  However, I always apply a base coat before sticking anything on my natural nail’s surface.

So not to belabor the review: I hated these stickers.  First, see how they work, and then read on for the problems I encountered.  Here’s the video of my application process (which follows the instructions on the back of the package):

If I had to try again, I would trim the decals before trying to apply them, which would have to be done before peeling off the decal.  Filing the excess just misshaped my previously filed nails and tore the edges of the decal, which led to it lifting off.  The stickers are not very sticky at all; I could easily peel them off even after the top coat dried.  Some tutorials I’ve seen for these use an orange stick to press on the decal, but I don’t feel this would significantly increase its adhesiveness or prevent wrinkling.

On my right hand, I tried a different technique to avoid filing: I placed the decal on the tip of my nail and trimmed the bottom.   Yet, instead of the top tearing, the base tore instead.  The stickers should be much more durable and thinner; it felt as if I stuck a sticker on my nail rather than accomplished nail art.  I wore these less than ten minutes–I peeled them off and painted my nail art the natural way, even with my limited talent.

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  • Jenvaveeve August 26, 2011, 4:41 pm

    Salon Effects by Sally Hansen are designed much better for nail application. Great nail art. Love them!

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