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Cuticle Oil

On one of my trips to Sally Beauty, I rummaged through the clearance bin and found a bottle of China Glaze peppermint cuticle oil. I wasn’t exactly sure what cuticle oil was or how to use it, but I can’t pass up a sale or a chance to try a nail product.

Basically cuticle oil is an intense moisturizer for your nails and of course, your cuticles. Pushing back cuticles is part of a full manicure process, and should be done with an orange stick or cuticle pusher. This reveals the true shape of the nail bed without that excess white tissue covering the bottom of the nail. Trimming cuticles should be left to professionals; it can cause infection and lead to thicker re-growth. Applying cuticle oil softens the cuticle and facilitates clearing it away.

I brushed a thin layer of the China Glaze cuticle oil around the base of my nail, and first of all, the peppermint was soothing and smelled great. I used a metal cuticle pusher and lightly scraped around the sides and base of my nail. I felt that the oil dissolved my cuticles and left my nails soft (in a moisturized, not weak sense). My nail surfaces were larger and overall appeared well-groomed.

If you plan to continue with polish, remember to strip away that moisture with acetone so the polish will adhere. I recommend leaving the oil to absorb for five to ten minutes before continuing to the next step; in the interim, I filed my nails. Cuticle oil is an easy way to achieve a more salon-like manicure and to moisturize for healthier nails.  You can also purchase cuticle oil pens for more precise application.  Enjoy this addition to your nail supplies – class dismissed!

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