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How To Fake It: Nail Tips

When you want instant length, or to fix that one broken nail that doesn’t match the rest,  it is totally okay to fake it.  Recently I’ve been experimenting with nail tips to achieve that I-go-to-the-salon-weekly look.  (I rarely ever go the salon, by the way.)

I started by purchasing a 500-piece tip set from Eamee through Amazon.com, which cost approximately $15.  There are different color options; I choose the “natural” which is a translucent white.  The tips arrived bagged by sizes 0-9: zero is the most narrow followed by nine, and then the lower numbers become progressively wider until one, the widest.  Having all the sizes is convenient to do others’ nails, but I really only need sizes 2, 5 and 8.  First I applied the tips by rounding the straight bottom edges with a file to match my natural nail beds and gluing them over my full natural nails.  I liked the convenience of painting the nails beforehand so that I could accomplish nail art with my non-writing hand (see my zebra tips below), but they fell off easily and damaged my natural nails with glue.

To avoid covering my full nails with glue, I used the tips as just tips.  Here’s how:

Tips don’t break off as easily because the polish coats over and seals the tip to your nail.  For the polished nails, I used a white base coat then two coats of China Glaze “Innocence”.  Once that dried, I brushed LA Colors Color Craze silver glitter halfway up my nail.  This is a great trick to cover the ridge line of the tip if you don’t file it down enough!  Here’s to nobody ever having to know – Class dismissed!

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