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Nailphilia: Nail Art Exhibition

Since fifth grade, when my teacher brought our class to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, I have been an admirer of art.  She instilled in me an appreciation for Mary Cassatt, Homer Winslow and Georgia O’Keefe.  My office walls are decorated with VanGogh, Degas and Monet.  I love the local paintings of Fitz Hugh Lane.  When I travel, I seek out art museums and sculpture parks.  I’ve been fortunate to view abstracts at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and visit El Prado, the Picasso Museum and the Museum of El Greco in Spain.  I’m anticipating a trip to the Louvre next summer as part of my honeymoon, but meanwhile to cure my yearning for creative culture, I browse Art.com as an online gallery and research wedding photographers.  And of course, experiment with nail art.  So when I saw that London held a nail art exhibition called Nailphilia, I was ecstatic.

Hosted by DegreeArt.com, Nailphilia celebrates nail art as a fine art, coupled with fashion.  This is the first exhibition of its kind, and I hope there are more to follow!  I didn’t attend, but this video presents the essence of the show as well as features some of the outrageous designs.  Enjoy – and be inspired!

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