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Magnetic Nail Polish

The new trend rocking the polish market is magnetic!  No, this is not a way to attract metal objects with your fingers.  This polish is designed to react to a patterned magnet.  Once the nail polish is applied, holding a magnet over the nail pushes the polish into the pattern. It’s an easy way to create a 3D effect without any artistic ability!

Although LCN and Nails Inc. are the market leaders, several other brands have released magnetic polishes including Essence, Layla, Boots 17, Lancome Le Magnetique, and L’Oreal Star Magnet.  The LCN brand sells separate star and striped magnets, whereas most of the other bottles’ magnets are on the top of the bottles.



Here is the Nails Inc. tutorial from Sephora:

Currently, you can purchase the Nails Inc. London at Sephora stores for $16.00.  Layla Magneffect is only fifty cents cheaper on Amazon.com.  For other brands, you may to purchase from their direct sites; availability is still slim in the US, but keep checking Ulta, Sally Beauty and other pharmacy stores to release magnetic polishes.

I suggest purchasing the LCN magnets ($19) to use with other polishes–this way you will have three effects: the star shape and either diagonal or straight lines (depending on how you hold the magnet).  When you run out of polish, keep the caps if they have other design patterns!  You can mix and match the magnets with different polishes since they all have the same active particles.  Have fun experimenting – Class dismissed!

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  • Deborah Kenna August 13, 2014, 9:50 am

    I am so excited about all the new different designs that you can create with nail art. My problem is that I do not know what to buy as I love it all but Can’t afford the polish/ The velvet nail fascinates me. I tried the nail polish, putting drops of polish in water. It seem to be working but it would not spread.Do you use only one color and then spread it, or drop all the colorws and the spread your colors in the water. well I thought I did it and so I dipped one finger and it all coagulated and went into a ball. I design my own nails and love doing it. I love gems, and I will find different ways to create a beautiful nail.
    I need to learn the water art, I am very frustrated, I guess I will look at another site and try it again,in the meantime, I am fascinated with the new types of nail polish. My mind is constantly spinning about being creative in so many things.I have come up with my own ideas. It is a ball.

    Thank you,
    Deborah Kenna

    I look forward to making my own ideas also but love thi site.

    I will get a license when I find something that is extremely different, This is what I am doing. My wheels are spinning!!!!

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