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New Shellac Colors 2011

With most polish brands now creating gel polishes, CND Shellac is still competing by releasing new colors.  As the forerunner in the market, Shellac has still kept its identity with muted and traditional colors that layer to create more variety.  Shellac now offers 30 colors.  This fall’s release includes the following shades:

The buzz is around “Shellac Asphalt” – a popularly requested, trendy gray and “Shellac Zillionare” which creates colorful sparkle over any other color.  Check out these cool shades that will last through all 12 days of Christmas and into the new  year!

Recommended buys: Shellac Asphalt,  Shellac Zillionare


For more about Shellac, including the other color swatches, see: Shellac Attack & Shellac New Colors




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