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Winter Snowflake Nails

‘Tis the season – for holiday inspired nails!   This is my winter snowflake design, which is quite easy to accomplish with a Konad stamper.  (For more about Konad, see my post here: http://www.thenailteacher.com/2010/09/konadbm-review/)  I admittedly had trouble the first few times I tried stamping with regular nail polish, but the Konad polish definitely works better, and with a little patience and practice aligning the stamp to your nail, you can achieve detailed designs without any drawing skills.

I used Gelish “Up In The Blue” as my base color, but you can use any color as a background.  Blue shades keep the winter wonderland feel, but using red or green could add a bit more holiday cheer.  Before adding a top coat, I put on a coat of Revlon Street Wear “Charming” (now discontinued) for some sparkle.  Once the Gelish cured, I used Konad white polish with BM (Bundle Monster) plate #14.  Why I like gel polish–aside from its longevity–is because if you make a mistake, you can wipe off overlaid regular polish with nail polish remover without ruining the gel.  I tended to fit 2-3 snowflakes on each nail, depending on how I positioned the stamp.  Once the polish dried, I added rhinestones in the center of the snowflakes on my ring fingers, and brushed a thin coat of silver glitter polish (LA Colors Color Craze “Sparkling Diamonds”) for a bit more shine.

Some hints for successfully using the Konad stamper:

1.) Work quickly.  The faster you swipe the image free of excess polish and roll the stamp over it, the better.

2.) If the image isn’t transferring onto the stamp, try filing the stamp surface with an emery board.

3.) Check the stamp to see that the image isn’t missing pieces, is smudged or has excess drops of polish around it.  Whatever is on the stamp will imprint on your nail.

4.) Use the smallest stamp that will fit the image.  This gives you more control when stamping.

I hope these tips help, and that you enjoy this design!  Class dismissed!

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  • Jane January 5, 2012, 6:59 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS! This design is fabulous! It looks amazing, lasts forever AND I got a million compliments on them! So wonderful! Thank you soooo muc Amanda! I love it!

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