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China Glaze Magnetix

I’ve posted about magnetic nail polish before (see my other post here), but the new burst of excitement is coming from the fact that China Glaze recently released its version.  Available in six colors, the collection also has a three-patterned magnet for design choices.  The colors are aptly named: You Move Me (golden brown),  Cling On (olive green), Pull Me Close (navy blue), Instant Chemistry (mauve), Drawn To You (lavender), and Attraction (grey). Each has a metallic sheen.

Magnetic polishes are going for about $16 a bottle, and most bottles are smaller (0.33 oz.) than regular, full-sized bottles.  China Glaze Magnetix comes in full-sized bottles (0.05 oz.) and costs about $10, so it’s a better bargain that the original front-runners of the market.

Recommended Buys:

China Glaze 2012 - Magnetix Collection 6pcs w/Magnet

China Glaze Nail Lacquer Polish Magnetix Magnet

If you already have another brand of magnetic polish, you can buy just the China Glaze magnet separately (approximately $6.00) for new designs.  Remember you can angle the magnet to create straight stripes using the bottom right pattern, or change the direction of the top magnet for a sideways or downturned arrow–be creative!   Enjoy this new trend that’s quickly replacing crackle polishes – Class dismissed!



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  • B Kosek March 23, 2012, 12:31 pm

    We tried the China Glaze Magnetix and would not recommend it. The magnets are very weak and the polish – though very pretty – does not pick up the designs easily. Gelish Magneto in gel or lacquer is much better.

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