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Wedding Nails

As I planned for my wedding, the big question from friends wasn’t about the dress or the flower choices, but “What are you going to do with your nails?”  I knew I wanted a french manicure to have a versatile enough look for the honeymoon, and of course I had to add a little bling.  I decided on a french tip that is a bit angled to be slightly untraditional and unique.  To achieve this, you can use a flat brush dipped in alcohol to wipe away, and basically erase the white polish to create the desired line shape without taking off the base color.  Then rhinestones line the arch of the french tip for a little sparkle.


Here are the photos that served as my inspiration:

from: http://nailsshine.com/2011/05/28/rhinestones-nail-designs/

from: http://beautyandthegroom.com/the-last-detail-to-the-bridal-beauty-plan-the-nails/

What are YOU looking for in wedding nails?

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