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Breast Cancer Supportive Shades

October is approaching, and many brands are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by launching new pink polishes, with proceeds being donated to cancer organizations and research.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the top brands that created new pink shades for 2012.






OPI began the Pink of Hearts line in 2007 and has annually donated $25,000 to the Susan G. Koman Cure.  Continuing the Pink of Hearts tradition for 2012 is a set of OPI’s “I Think In Pink” from Pink Soft Shades Collection (2010) with a new shade “You’d Glitter Be Good To Me” which consists of tiny pink confetti glitter with larger sequins of purplish glitter.  Layer them or wear them separately; either way they make a supportive statement.

Recommended buy: OPI Pink of Hearts 2012



These three glittery shades (“You Are Not Alone”, “Be Brave” and “Embrace”) each come with an awareness ribbon charm attached to the bottle. While “Be Brave” and “Embrace” are part of Orly’s Flash FX Glam collection, “You Are Not Alone” is an exclusive polish for this 2012 Pretty In Pink set.  ”Be Brave” (center) is a shredded, hairy purpley-pink holographic glitter.   “Embrace” (right) has larger chunks of hexagonal glitter and is a bit more peachy-pink than “You Are Not Alone” (left), but overall the polishes are similar and both have good coverage with one coat.  These glitter polishes all have a clear base, so they can be worn over other base colors, or alone for a more romantically feminine look.  20% of profits will go to the Cancer Schmancer Movement.  For more information, call 800-275-1111 or visit orlybeauty.com.

Recommended buy: Orly “Be Brave”


China Glaze

The largest collection is United in Purpose from China Glaze, which includes 12 colors ranging from neutrals (“Angel’s Breath”, “Pearls of Wisdom”, and “Dare To Be Bare”),  to light soft pinks (“Hopeful”, “Always A Lady”, “Faith” and pearly “Exquisite”), to traditional bright pinks (“Live Love Laugh”, “Beauty Within” and “Heart of the Matter”) to multi-rust colored glitters (“United” and “Hello Gorgeous”).  Although the proceeds amount has yet to be published, last year 18% of sales went to charitable donation. While supplies last, purchase any of the shades at Sally Beauty Supply stores.



You Can Make a Difference is a set of limited edition gel-polishes from Hand and Nail Harmony that cure in both UV and LED lamps. Instead of the regular bottles’ signature circles to peep the color, the custom bottles have cute hearts, but as with all Gelish polishes, the hue advertised on the bottle ends up different once it’s cured. “Less Talk” is a subtle, salmon-colored nude, “Make A Difference” is a bubblegum pink, and “Take Action” is a bold magenta. Purchases benefit the Susan G. Koman Cure.

Recommended buys (note image will not reflect color choice):

Gelish “Less Talk”

Gelish “Make a Difference”

Gelish “Take Action”



Leave it to Color Queen Essie to produce four more gorgeous shades of pink while making a charitable contribution to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  ”We’re In It Together”, “Good Morning Hope”, “Check-Up” and “I Am Strong” are pearly pinks with the slight nuances in hue you’d expect from the Essie brand.

Recommended buys:

Essie “We’re In It Together”

Essie “Good Morning Hope”

Essie “Check-Up”

Essie “I Am Strong”


Which pinks will you buy and try?  Any of these are perfect for extra spirit during a walk or fundraiser.  For more information, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation site and click on the “How To Help” tab to donate to the cause.  Send me pics of your supportive shades mani or pedi!  You can also check out my breast cancer awareness nail art tutorials here!

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