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Velvet Nails

It’s an exciting time for nail art–the recent broadcast of the Emmys even featured a mani-cam to show off celeb’s nails!  Now that the season is changing, many brands are launching new fall colors, but textured nails are the next step in style.  Yet another trend, the velvet manicure, is the newest innovation in nails.  Ciate, the company responsible for the caviar manicure, has released kits to achieve the velvet look in three autumn colors: Milk Cashmere, Blue Suede, or Berry Poncho.  The kits are available in Sephora stores.

Ciate’s instructional video:

Instead of sprinkling the velvet powder, you can also pour about a quarter-sized amount into a shallow dish and roll each nail into the finish as with glitter-pot application.  Either way, it is a bit messy.  As long as the polish hasn’t dampened the power, you can pour the excess back into the bottle for another manicure.  Make sure to only brush around the nail; the powder will sweep off easily before it dries.  I recommend applying a top coat for longevity.  Although this will defeat the matte finish effect, for all the cleanup, I’d like the polish to last at least a full week.

Craft stores also sell velvet powder if you want to avoid the $20 Ciate kit.  The Ciate polish isn’t formulated especially for the velvet powder, which means any nail polish will work.  The only benefit of using Ciate’s polish is that it exactly matches the powder, but if you cover your nails completely with velvet, you won’t see the base polish anyway.  When the velvet layer wears, chips or gaps will be better hidden with a matching base color, but essentially you can use clear.

Recommended buys: 

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You can also achieve this look with actual velvet like the lace manicures of what seems like yesteryear.  You can cut small pieces of the fabric to fit on your nail beds, using fitted false nails as a guide.  You can then stick the fabric onto a polished nail.  Make sure to firmly press the edges of the fabric onto the nail to avoid lifting.

Look for other brands to copy this trend.  I’m predicting that other “fabrics” will make an appearance soon–why not corduroy, cashmere or silk?  Will you wear the fall fabrics on your nails?  Keep those nails warm with chic, cozy textures–Class dismissed!

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  • Jip September 29, 2012, 11:43 pm

    Actually TKB Trading has come out with a product called “Pet Me Polish” a few days ago. Right now, it only comes in the color orange:


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