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Gella Tutorial


Gella is a new brand of UV/LED polish that is breaking into the market.

Based in Canada, Gella has an easy to navigate website — gella.ca — which sells makeup and accessories in addition to nail supplies.  Although one can tell the site is in start-up mode due to limited selections and some empty link categories, the conceptual design of the page and their affiliate products are promising.  Gella also has an increasing presence on Twitter and Facebook.

The company emailed me requesting that I create a tutorial for their gel polish, and in turn they would send me free samples and a gift card.

Gella currently has 20 color choices.  For my samples, I chose “Black Jack” and “Treasure Box” mostly because I didn’t already have those colors from other brands.  It was also in the dead of winter when I received the email request, so I was probably influenced by trending shades for the season.

The samples shipped quickly, and the package included a crystal file and some lint-free wipes.

Gella’s site offers “Love It Kits” which include polishes, base and top coats, lint-free wipes, orange wood sticks, a buffer, nail file, and 9 watt UV lamp.  The site also features limited-time special deals such as 50% off a kit or a free 36 watt UV lamp, so check the homepage for these savings!

If you already have a lamp, the best package deal is the Gella 6 Pack, which allows you to choose six colors and save about $24 compared with purchasing each color individually.

Like most gel-polish hybrids I’ve encountered, Gella requires a light buff of the nail for better adhesion, and a cure time of two minutes in a UV lamp (36 watt) and 30 seconds in an LED lamp.  The polish lasts for 2-3 weeks without dulling or chipping.

The following video tutorial lists the necessary products and details the application process:

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and continue seeking newbies to the nail community – Class dismissed!

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